Friday, March 20, 2009

Canadian Shipping and Purolator

First and foremost, I will say that Abercrombie and Fitch is lightning fast in shipping. I ordered some things just a couple of days ago (the 16th) and its the 20th and I have them in my hand (they actually could have been delivered on the 19th but I was in class). HOWEVER, I wanted to complain about Purolator. For any non-Canadian reading this, when you buy things off the website, they are shipped with Purolator.

Well, I think Purolator is the worst company ever (at least their drivers are). TWICE I have had horrendous experiences with this company with 2 different shipments. In both situations, I had taken the day off to wait at home for the package and in both instances the driver failed to get the package to my door due to their sheer laziness. The first was that there was no buzz number on the shipping label but my name is on the building directory with my buzz, they could have easily looked me up. It would have taken literally 5 seconds. I have gotten many packages and never have listed my buzz number and UPS and FedEx looks up my buzz. But not Purolator. When I called to complain the supervisor I spoke with said that drivers have NO OBLIGATION to deliver a package without a buzz number. RIDICULOUS!!!!! He said the driver didn't even get out of the truck to look up my buzz number he had just driven by with no obligation to deliver.

The second time was that the Purolator delivery person buzzed me and gave me exactly ONE ring on my phone and then drove off before I could even answer the phone to buzz him or tell him I'd come down to the lobby. I RAN down after that one ring to find that I couldn't even see his truck, he was already gone. I complained to Purolator and they said that it was 100% the driver's fault. When he DID come back (because I told them he better! I took the day off!) he gave me a lot of attitude and said it was my fault. I am MORE than upset with this company and I think that Abercrombie should ship to Canada with a different carrier to avoid customers having such negative experiences. I might actually write to Abercrombie's Head Office to tell them that because I love Abercrombie and want them to know that they may unintentionally be losing their customer base.

PS: don't believe me? search "Purolator sucks" or "I hate Purolator" on Google to see how many other people have awful experiences with them. I know people have bad experiences with FedEx and UPS too but I really truly think that Purolator's company philosophy is that they just don't care. I will note that the supervisors I talked to at Purolator were curteous and polite and agreed with me that some of Purolator's company policies i.e. the buzz one are ridiculous.

Speed Exchange

So! I ordered 4 items off Abercrombie's website but found that only 2 fit (yay that my Erin Skinny jeans did! The size 2 Kerry shorts I ordered were WAY too big though and the Anna tanktop I ordered didn't fit in the chest area as it was way way way way too tight up there) so I called up Abercrombie and asked to do a Speed Exchange. Basically they send you new items you want (minus paying for shipping and handling) and charge your account (so my Visa card) and then you ship them the unwanted items back and they credit your card! Awesome! That way you don't have to pay shipping and handling twice if you wanted a new order! What's also pretty cool is that I can return the clothing to a store or ship it back to their Return Department, which is a local postage for me so it's cheap (instead of having to ship it back over the border). So kudos to A+F for making it easy to do an exchange for stuff ordered off their website!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Abercrombie Dress Shirts

I love Abercrombie dress shirts, the fit is perfect (it's SO hard to find a great XS tailored dress shirt!). The arm length is nice and long so the sleeve cuffs will poke out appropriately at the end of the arms of a blazer and they rest nicely at the mid hand level. The midsection of the shirt is nicely tailored so you see body definition below the chest to create an awesome silhouette and the buttons are appropriately placed and spaced out so if you don't show too much cleavage. I have 4 Abercrombie dress shirts and I LOVE them!! I always feel sharp wearing an A+F dress shirt to an interview or even just to class. One of the dress shirts I have is the Fiona dress shirt in White Stripe.

HOWEVER, I must say I am not impressed with the new logo on the Benni dress shirt. I think its a misstep for Abercrombie to promote this new logo because I personally think its bland, poorly constructured and a little ugly. Maybe it would be okay on a guy's dress shirt but not on a female's. I hope they stick with the classic moose logo, as it is elegant and instantly recognizable.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Study Break

So down to business, I wanted to talk about Abercrombie's new "Classic Look" called Study Break. IT IS SUPERB! They nailed it with this one. I love and adore prep school looking jackets so Cass is awesome and pairing it with a simple tube top (Caily), a classic lightweight scarf in navy and Dana denim shorts is just pefect. It's a really classy but laid-back kind of outfit. Pair it with leather A+F flip flops and a side bag and you are good to go. Also, glam accessorize with diamond stud earrings, a classic pony (with Sephora Snag Free elastics of course) and an Ipod! :-)

I REALLY REALLY want this outfit. Maybe with my next paycheck!!!!


About me:

  • I am a 21 year old female university student
  • I am totally obsessed with Abercrombie and Fitch!!! The fit and design are perfect.
  • I want my total wardrobe to be only A+F, Ruehl and Gilly Hicks
  • I check out the Abercrombie website almost daily
  • I work out all the time and eat healthily
  • I think that Mike Jeffries is a GENIUS!