Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Abercrombie Dress Shirts

I love Abercrombie dress shirts, the fit is perfect (it's SO hard to find a great XS tailored dress shirt!). The arm length is nice and long so the sleeve cuffs will poke out appropriately at the end of the arms of a blazer and they rest nicely at the mid hand level. The midsection of the shirt is nicely tailored so you see body definition below the chest to create an awesome silhouette and the buttons are appropriately placed and spaced out so if you don't show too much cleavage. I have 4 Abercrombie dress shirts and I LOVE them!! I always feel sharp wearing an A+F dress shirt to an interview or even just to class. One of the dress shirts I have is the Fiona dress shirt in White Stripe.

HOWEVER, I must say I am not impressed with the new logo on the Benni dress shirt. I think its a misstep for Abercrombie to promote this new logo because I personally think its bland, poorly constructured and a little ugly. Maybe it would be okay on a guy's dress shirt but not on a female's. I hope they stick with the classic moose logo, as it is elegant and instantly recognizable.


  1. Oh My God Get Rid Of That New Logo.

  2. i just stumbled on your blog
    i too am an Abercrombie obsessed, and i always thought i was pretty much the only one
    this made my day, i found someone who loves it as much as i do
    Everything from abercrombie is perfect!!

    greetings from Amsterdam

  3. http://www.dtdrivingschool.co.uk/abercrombieandfitch/