Friday, March 20, 2009

Speed Exchange

So! I ordered 4 items off Abercrombie's website but found that only 2 fit (yay that my Erin Skinny jeans did! The size 2 Kerry shorts I ordered were WAY too big though and the Anna tanktop I ordered didn't fit in the chest area as it was way way way way too tight up there) so I called up Abercrombie and asked to do a Speed Exchange. Basically they send you new items you want (minus paying for shipping and handling) and charge your account (so my Visa card) and then you ship them the unwanted items back and they credit your card! Awesome! That way you don't have to pay shipping and handling twice if you wanted a new order! What's also pretty cool is that I can return the clothing to a store or ship it back to their Return Department, which is a local postage for me so it's cheap (instead of having to ship it back over the border). So kudos to A+F for making it easy to do an exchange for stuff ordered off their website!


  1. So does that mean when you do speed exchange, when they send you stuff, you don't have to pay for the shipping? Can it only work on actual exchanges or can I order something new?

    1. You can use speed exchange to get free shipping on your next order whether you returned the items or not, they dont keep track of that.

  2. I Love A&F
    It's The Only Place I Shop Anymore! :)